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3D Printed Models

3D Printed Dental Models

3D Printed Models Print Fast and Accurately

 3D Printed Models are printed with DPR 10 resin. DPR 10 is a 3D printable, rigid material suitable for models and dies, featuring high accuracy and fast printability. It is available in a stone color. DPR 10 can also be reclaimed allowing for cost-effective use.

0 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength
0 MPa
Tensile Modules
0 %
Elongation at Break
0 J/m
Impact Strength (Notched)
0 C
Heat Deflection Temperature

Digital Scans Accepted

Send your digital scans in-system by searching for Utica Dental Lab. Or, send your .stl scans directly to us at

Edentulous Scans or Traditional Impressions

Models can be made with edentulous intra-oral scans or traditional impressions. Edentulous scans can be immediately printed while impressions will have stone models poured, then be scanned on a 3Shape bench top scanner.

Edentulous Scan for 3d printed model