About Utica Dental Lab

Utica Dental Laboratory is your lab partner that delivers consistent quality services at every step.


Customers can expect reproducible results, each and every time.


Using the newest technology, products, and materials to produce consistent prostheses.


Our focus always has been and remains on providing you, the customer, with an unparalleled experience.

Matt WeigandI spent the first 10 years of my career exclusively fabricating removable restorations by hand. At 37, and now in my 20th year, I can say with confidence, that with my unique understanding of both traditional manufacturing processes, coupled with today’s technological advances, we can repeatably provide the best fitting prostheses time and time again.

– Matt Weigand, President, Utica Dental Lab

Our History

In 1954, World War II veteran Julius Weigand began his career as an employee of Oneida Dental Laboratory, Inc.. When the owners of Oneida Dental Laboratory split up, Julius continued his vocation with Franklyn Lamoree at Lamoree Dental Laboratory.

Soon after, in 1957, Franklyn sold the company to Julius and Bud Macham. Together, they moved the company to 7 Hopper Street. The new location was within easy walking distance of Mohawk Dental. This decreased service time for dentures. In 1968 the company changed its name to Utica Dental Lab.

Julius’ son Robert took an interest in the family business and joined his father in 1974. Robert did a great deal to add to Utica Dental Labs’ reputation for quality craftsmanship, and he eventually took full ownership in 2000.

In 2003, Robert’s son Matt began working with Utica Dental Labs in the afternoons while going to school in the morning. Matt joined Utica Dental Laboratory full time in 2007. Matt focused on growing the business and adding additional services.

In April of 2013, Robert purchased new property for Utica Dental Laboratory at 302 Genesee St.. The team has built a state of the art lab environment, ensuring our continued focus on quality now and into the future.

2020 marked Utica Dental’s 66th year of operation. As a 3rd generation family owned and operated company, we have remained successful by consistently providing our customers with outstanding service and the best products

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Send your digital scans in-system by searching for Utica Dental Lab. Or, send your .stl scans directly to us at scans@uticadentallab.com.