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Utica Dental Blog

An ongoing blog covering dental technology, dental product reviews, dental lab techniques, and company news pertaining to Utica Dental Lab.

Dental Implant Scan
Dental Implants

Dental Implants & Custom Abutment Options in the Dental Lab

Dental implants are the fastest growing segment in dentistry. Last year, over 3 million dental implants were placed in the U.S. What was once a specialized craft suitable only for oral surgeons, each successive generation of dentists graduate dental school with the knowledge and ability to place dental implants. As

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DMLS Metal Partial Frame
Dental Technology

Finishing Metal Partial Frames with a Dlyte Electropolishing Finish

Dry Electropolish Finishing for Metal Partial Frames One of the final parts of workflow for producing metal partial frames. Lab technicians have been hand-polishing metal partial frames for decades. But with D-lyte’s new dry lyte electropolishing finishing technique those days are over. This innovative technique runs and electrical current through a

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CAD/CAM Digital Denture Design
3D Printing

Modern Dental Laboratory Practice and What the Next Decade Will Bring

The past five years has seen a swathe of technological advancements in the dental laboratory. The long promised “digital revolution” appears to have finally taken hold. Just in time too. The generation of craftsmen and women who so painstakingly perfected their craft in the dental lab are retiring and there

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Zirconia Dental Crown and Bridge
Crown & Bridge

Dental Crowns: What Do They Do? What Are They Made Of?

Dental Crowns: What Do They Do and What Are They Made of? Many of us have needed them. Whether it be from a chipped tooth, decay, a root canal or some other cosmetic measure, many of us have needed dental crowns or veneers. Some offices offer same day crowns where

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DMLS Metal Partial Frames In-Process
3D Printing

3D Printed Metal Partial Dentures

3D Printed Metal Partial Dentures 3D Printing Technology…It’s Going to be Big! In mid 2020 Utica Dental Lab invested in a EOS M 100 DMLS printer. The technology has allowed us to completely revamp our metal partial framework workflow. The process has superseded metal casting entirely. The workflow has been

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3D Printed Digital Denture
Dental Technology

3D Printed Digital Dentures: Promises Fulfilled?

3D Printed Digital Dentures: Promises Fulfilled? It’s getting hard to avoid now. We’ve heard rumors and grumblings extolling the promise of digital dentistry and a fully digital workflow for years. But now, those grumblings have turned to full-throated roars. The idea of a “full digital workflow” has typically been a

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OHM BOCES Student poses for picture at Utica Dental Lab
Utica Dental Lab in the News

Utica Dental Lab Hosts OHM BOCES Dental Assistant Program Student

The appetite for knowledge knows no bounds. Especially not for a young member of the OHM BOCES Dental Assistant program. Brian Acevedo spent some time visiting Utica Dental Lab this week as part of a required observation for the program. The hands-on experience provides much sought-after exposure to the lab

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