DMLS Metal Partial Frame

Finishing Metal Partial Frames with a Dlyte Electropolishing Finish

Dry Electropolish Finishing for Metal Partial Frames

One of the final parts of workflow for producing metal partial frames. Lab technicians have been hand-polishing metal partial frames for decades. But with D-lyte’s new dry lyte electropolishing finishing technique those days are over.

This innovative technique runs and electrical current through a medium that forces our metal framework to oxidize. As small burrs and microscopic irregularities oxidize, they are simple buffed away by the medium.

The result achieves homogeneous results across the surface and eliminates micro-scratches. Not only are our frames polished to a mirror like finish, but they are also more resistant to corrosion.

Some Prep Work Still Required for 3D Printed Metal Partial Frames

Utica Dental Lab replaced all its casting equipment with a 3D metal printer in 2020. The process has greatly enhanced our ability to accurately produce framework in addition to increasing efficiency.

One by product of metal printing is a black oxidation substance left behind from the annealing process.

The D-Lyte electropolishing machine is not capable of cleaning this residue from the finished product without prep work.

The scale left behind must be ground off using a polishing stone. We use a Mizzy Wheel. This process typically takes 20-40 minutes per framework depending on severity.

Acid Baths Are a Thing of The Past

This is the reason for purchasing a D-Lyte polisher. Once properly prepped, all it takes is an hour in the polishing medium to bring the frames to a mirror like shine. Very little finish work is required after the process occurs.

A thorough final quality check is always a wise decision. There will be the occasional missed spots, particularly on the edges of clasps. Rarely more than five minutes is needed to clean up the frames.

Utica Dental Lab is committed to providing our clients the most advanced and comprehensive dental technology solutions. Now and in the future, Utica Dental Lab will be your preferred digital dental laboratory.

For more information regarding the process check out our YouTube Page and the Part of the Process Video series.

DMLS In-Process
3D Printed Metal Frames - Post Annealing
DMLS In Process 3D Printed Metal Frames