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"All on 4" Dental Implant

“All on 4” Full Arch Zirconia Implant Prosthesis

The “All on 4” Dental Implant Prosthesis offers edentulous patients a unique, highly esthetic, fixed implant solution made from 100% zirconia.

The exceptional flexural strength of zirconia (up to 1465mpa) offers high resistance to chips and fractures while providing the patient with the stability needed to improve chewing and phonetic functions.


All on "X" Zirconia Arch
Full Zirconia Arch In Process Milling copy 2

Using a mix of traditional denture techniques and the most advanced CAD/CAM technology, we can provide a passive, natural looking, and precisely fitting restoration. A screw-retained wax try-in with denture teeth is first provided to ensure the correctness of selected tooth shade and shape, as well as tooth setup and occlusion.

After the try-in is confirmed by the patient, a temporary PMMA appliance is fabricated via CAD technology from the wax try in.

 The PMMA provisional appliance will provide a more definitive evaluation of the final prosthesis.

The “All on 4” Dental Implant is a complete edentulous solution that will stand the test of time.

Download An Implant Prosthesis Protocol

The Implant Prosthesis protocol is a step-by-step guide to building and placing your full zirconia arch. The process includes 5 steps that help to ensure the accuracy of the prosthesis and the comfort of the patient.

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Special Thank You to Dr. Brian Jackson DDS

All In-Patient images courtesy of Dr. Brian Jackson DDS of Slavin, Jackson, and Burns Comprehensive Dentistry.