Night Guards and Retainers

Clear H/S Night Guard

Two layers make up the Comfort H/S Bite Splint: a 1 mm soft polyurethane inner layer and a 3 mm hard co-polyester outer layer.
The soft internal surface rests comfortably against the teeth and gums, while the hard occlusal surface provides durability and bonds with acrylic for easy modification.

All zirconia crown and bridge restorations have a 5 day in-lab turnaround time.

3D Printed Night Guard
Suck Down Retainer In-Process

Suck Down Retainer

Fabricated from clear, BPA-free copolyester, these retainers are custom thermoformed for optimum fit with a thickness of 1mm.

Comfort Hard Nightguard

Thermoformed bpa-free copolyester splint. Can be made in 2mm – 4mm thickness.

All on "4" Full Zirconia Arch

3D Printed Night Guard

3D printed retainer made from biocompatible materials. Color stable and resistant to staining

EMA First Step Sleep Appliance

Utica Dental Lab is an authorized provider of EMA Sleep Appliances by Myerson. The EMA Oral Appliance works by opening the bite and gently advancing the mandible with interchangeable elastic straps to increase airway flow

Essix Retainer
Hawley Retainer

Hawley Retainer

The labial bow crosses the occlusal plane distal to the cuspids and the loops provide adjustment capability. Ball clasps are placed between the second bicuspid and first molar for anchorage. The labial bow and ball clasps are embedded in ultra clear non-yellowing Biocryl ICE acrylic (Great Lakes Orthodontics). An anterior bite plane from cuspid to cuspid can be utilized to displace the posterior teeth.

Essix Retainer w/ pontic(s)

Fabricated from clear, BPA-free copolyester, these retainers are custom thermoformed for optimum fit. Processed to contain denture teeth or act as a provisional restoration post-extraction or during the osseointegration period after implant treatment.
Multi Unit Screw Retained Bridge
Sports Guards

Playsafe® Mouthguard/Soft Nightguard

PlaySafe sports mouthguards provide superior fit and retention. Available in six levels of protection, the mouthguards range from one to three layers of laminated ethylvinylacetate material with a final occlusal thickness between 3 mm and 5 mm. PlaySafe mouthguards can be customized with stickers and team logos, and are available in a variety of colors.

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