OHM BOCES Student poses for picture at Utica Dental Lab

Utica Dental Lab Hosts OHM BOCES Dental Assistant Program Student

The appetite for knowledge knows no bounds. Especially not for a young member of the OHM BOCES Dental Assistant program. Brian Acevedo spent some time visiting Utica Dental Lab this week as part of a required observation for the program.

The hands-on experience provides much sought-after exposure to the lab aspect of the dental field. “…Lots of helpful advice and demonstrations. Spending time here really helped broaden my knowledge of how the lab works.” Brian said while being asked to reflect on his visit. He went on to speak about the importance of seeing exactly how things work and how the experience created an appreciation for lab work.

Acevedo was impressed with the 3D modeling and craftsmanship involved with shaping models and crowns, saying “There is a true artistry involved with creating a crown.”

Utica Dental Lab is happy to share some of the lab experiences with students of the dental industry. Dental Assistants provide an ever-expanding level of services in the dental office.

Many impressions are taken by the dental assistant. The more common ground that can be established between the two disciplines the better. A better understanding of the work that goes into creating an accurate denture or crown aid in a new assistant’s ability to take accurate impressions.

As intra-oral scanning technology continues to improve, it seems reasonable for the number of impressions taken by assistants to increase. “Having a full understanding of anatomy and the technology’s limitations can go a long way in ensuring an accurate crown.”. Brian Parent, Manager of the Crown and Bridge Department shared. He continued, “Brian (Acevedo) is well on his way to being an all-around excellent dental assistant…The BOCES Dental Assistant program does a great job preparing students for work in the dental office.”

The Dental Assistant program offers students a chance to be exposed to the inner working of a dental office. During the program students can expect to learn the basics of dental anatomy and physiology, infection control, basic life support for health care professionals, chairside procedures, and other topics related to the dental office environment. The course is offered as part of the Healthcare Training Courses and is a 146-hour course, including 16 observation hours.

OHM Student Brian Acevado works with Jason of Utica Dental Lab
OHM BOCES Student Works with Erin of Utica Dental Lab